Rehabilitation of the District and Community Access Roads in Uganda

Consultancy Service for the Identification, Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for the Ā«Rehabilitation of the District and Community Access RoadsĀ» Component of the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda.

  • Phase 1: Identification, confirmation and prioritisation of the list of rural roads to be subject of technical studies at the Northern districts of Moyo, Adjumani, Abumat and Abim according to their socio-economic impact and their environmental sustainability through document analysis, consultation with Ministry of Works and Transport and District engineers, and the organisation workshops with community local stakeholders.
  • Phase 2: Preliminary technical studies for the rehabilitation of 400 km of rural roads (preliminary designs of surface treatments, pavement, alignment, drainage system, bridges and structures, cost estimations including alternative treatments) including socio-economic and environmental impact assessments.